Chamomile Essential oils

Chamomile is a white flower with a yellow centre. It gives a sweet, floral and herbaceous aroma. This makes it a very versatile flower, with the use in herbal tea (bud) or steam distillation (flower & bud) into essential oil.


<3 Benefits <3
Chamomile essential oils has so many amazing property and benefits to help with a range of issues. Its most commonly used with adult for helping reducing stress, anxiety, headaches, depression, insomnia, aches & pains, menstrual & menopause problems. They can be used by topical in a roller bottle or spray and inhaled with the use of a diffuser.

The amazing properties and effects when using chamomile essential oils correctly are 
1. The aroma of this oil help tigger the brain to help a calming, sedative and relaxing sensation. Which is beneficial for anyone who suffer from depression and anxiety type symptoms.
2. This oil has been known to help relieve congestion, irritation, swelling and skin condition that are allergy related. This must be applied topical.
3. When used in a diffuser or oil burner, has been known to help combat symptoms of insomnia.





<3 How to use safely <3

This essential oil can be used on kids as young as 6 months old. However make sure its used correctly. Pure essential oils shouldn't be used topical or inhaled without being diluted with the correct oil. Dilution of chamomile will depend on its uses around 1-2 drop per 10ml, however best to speak to an aromatherapist to get correct rate. The best oil for chamomile to be blended with are clary sage (calming & balancing), lavender (relaxing), rose (grounding & calming), grapefruit (uplifting) & ylang ylang (relaxing). 


<3 Pre cautions <3
Chamomile shouldn't be used while pregnant or breast feeding, as the side effects are unknown to what can happen. The possible most commonly known side effects are contact dermatitis, skin reaction, eye irritation (when applied near eyes), hypersensitivity & vomiting when large amount used.



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