How life through another curve ball

In April 2020 I was given the news I was always dreading to here. My left shoulder will never allow to me to for fill my dream job of becoming a beauty therapist.


So in the middle of isolation and lock down, I was dealing with so many emotions. Of what can I do, this was my 3rd time around of getting my qualifications as I always dreamed of making other women smile and know while they were getting a treatment no one else mattered. I still intended to complete my diploma and be qualified in September, however it’s not something my body will allow me to do. It was like my whole dreams where shattered.


The start of June 2020, I started to realise that after going through domestic violence that I done a lot of self development on myself and had help other lady who I had in my own for mini treatments, that I could still use all the tools I learn to write an small e-book on essential oils, which is now leading towards a massive course on how to use them and what oils are good for anxiety, depression. As I use them myself everyday.


So many mixed emotions over the past few months, so many curve balls of what can I do to not just help myself, prove to my daughter no matter what’s thrown at you, you can still dream big.


Self care is so important to me, that I can wait to work with other lady along there journey to discovering themselves again. How being happy isn’t selfish, cause I remember how that felt. I’m focus on creating a year long course which includes pamper products being sent out monthly and new goal kicking towards learning to love themselves like I have again.


Bring on the second half of 2020. Where I hope to see my dream grow even bigger.

Now beginning on the 20th of July starting out first 6 week challenge
Weekly check in live video
Every week a new module is released
Weekly goal setting
2 x 30 min check in calls

At the end you will receive a Self Care Packages valued over $100.
Including journal towards your goal as an extra bonus

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