When Dream Became Reality

When Dream Became Reality

Poppits Delites once started off being a small dream for only doing beauty treatments, while studying my beauty therapy diploma which has taken its own twist and turns. I'm now on my 3rd attempt to compete my dream, after heartbreak, domestic violence and injury to my body with my shoulder & nerves i'm even more determined to follow my dream.

When the idea came about of also offering pamper products. Which has also grown from candles, bath bomb & aromatherapy bath salts to what i'm now offering.This is also forever changing depending on ideas, trends and changes of the seasons. This has since grown from an idea to a family style small business, which now involves other members of my family, who have been a support since the very start. Without the support of my family i would of giving up long before and not be slowly living my dream i once started to attempt back in 2012, which is also the year i was blessed with a beautiful daughter. 

Troubling time did occur around Christmas time 2018, when i didn't think i would survive or the business id put my heart and soul into when i was again a victim of domestic violence, Which has left me with more nerve damage in my body as well as migraines that can hit at anytime. While this was all happening i let down a lot of customer who the most stressful time of the year with Christmas gifts, which effected myself both mental and physically. Never thought i'd be lucky enough recover not just myself but my growing business. Over the Christmas period i was extremely lucky to have the help of DV connect who help me find my beautiful home i'm in now, which has been my fresh start and new beginning.

Now just over 9 month later I've overcome so much to build it all back up what i began into this beautiful business, this includes taking the next steps into combined both my products and treatments together. Which i couldn't see even possible this time last year. I'm looking at being a fully trained beauty therapist by September 2020. Moving forward with getting my certificate in other passionate areas of beauty. This is also leading towards new products line which has giving me the opportunity integrated into my beauty treatments.

The story of how poppits delites developed into what it is today hasn’t come easy. I hope my story can also help others to walk away from domestic violence as every person deserve to be happy. Always remember you're never alone.

Kirsty XOXO
Poppits Delites
When Dream Became Reality
One of my favourite places. Point Perry Coolum beach, QLD. Was a place that allowed my dream become real.

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