October is Pregnancy and infant loss awareness month.

October is Pregnancy and infant loss awareness month. So I have decided to do something a bit special for families who have have been affected by this to try and bring further awareness to this sad reality. 1 in 4 women sadly have been affected by a loss during a pregnancy which not only affect her but her family surrounding her. Also 1 in 4 families sadly loose their precious little bundles during infancy. This is such a sad reality for many Australian families.


During this month we will be selling special bath bombs in the colours of pink and blue to signify the loss of these little blessing taken to soon. Also with each purchase you will have the chance to win a full refund to say thank you for supporting Pregnancy and Infancy awareness month.


From each bath bombs sold in their album 

$1 will be going towards this family to help there daughter/grand daughter fight for her life and future



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