About Us

Poppits Delites

Small family owned and operated business on the north side of brisbane. We are focused on creating beautiful home made products for everyone in the family.


We have an amazing products ranges, that we are always expanding on.


Bath Products 

* Bath bombs which create beautiful art in the water, with our water soluble colours. They come in a range of styles and sizes, Our most popular is our mini baths bombs which are an amazing affordable price of $2.

* Luxurious bubble bath

* Foaming bath crumble

* Bubble crumble

* Bath salts prefect to help your body relax after a long day or training session at the gym.


Shower Products

* Shower steamer both fragrance & essentials oils

* luxurious Shower Gel

* Whipped soap which will leave be your body feeling silky smooth

* Soap bars with and without loafer from all type of base with amazing smells


Aromatherapy Products

* Roll on & spray blended depending how your prefer to use your oil blends. Roller are prefect for your wrist, back of the ear etc, where the spray is good of on your neck and applying to bracelets.

* Blended Bath salts prefect to help your body relax after a long day or training session at the gym.

* Bath Bombs with single & blends, Can also custom blend these products if your allergic to some oils or can’t find what your looking for, Please send us an email at poppits_delites@outlook.com


Laundry Products 

* Amazing scented laundry powder

* Scented laundry crystal

* Linen spray in both fragrance and aromatherapy blends


Home decor

* Customised framed saying to brighten up any room

* Stunning candles to fill a room with a amazing fragrance

* 5D diamond painting which has all been personally completed by myself to brighten up any wall in your home.


We also offers a Blog sections to help build your knowledge about our products.


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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/poppits_delites


If you have any questions please message us via our social media pages or via email poppits_delites@outlook.com