Essential Oils


Essential Oils

Every Essential oil we uses within our product are "pure" and 100% skin safe 

When choosing products with oils make sure you do your own range of research to make sure that they suit your needs. As not everyone will fit into the same category.


This website it one i use as a references myself, as the information is easy to read and follow. 



Here are some of the oils we have on hand. These are always changing due to the shelf life of the oils themselves.


Bergamot - Has a citrus aroma, that helps both uplift and calm your mind, body & soul.

Cedarwood - Has a woody aroma, which helps promote relaxation and healthy skin.

Cinnamon - Has a sweet and spicy aroma, which works as a natural insect repellent.

Clary Sage - Has a nice floral and herbal aroma, which can promote better sleep patterns.

Eucalyptus - Has a nice airy aroma, which helps promote clear breathing. 

Frankincense - Has a nice warm and spicy aroma, which can helps support healthy immune and nervous systems.

Geranium - Has a nice floral yet sweet aroma, which works as a natural insect repellent.

Grapefruit - Has a citrus yet floral aroma, which can help promote uplifting feelings.

Juniper Berry - Has a clean wood and spicy aroma, Which can promote a calming and grounding effect.

Lavender - Has a light floral aroma, which can promote better sleep patterns and relaxing feelings.

Lemon - Has a bright fresh citrus aroma, which can promote a uplifting and positive emotional mood.

Lemongrass - Has a smoky citrus aroma, Which can promote a more positive outlook.

Lime - Has a sweet citrus aroma, which can help balance out emotional well being.

Patchouli - Has a rich wood yet earthy musk aroma, which can help balance out emotional feelings.

Peppermint - Has a minty fresh aroma, which helps promote clear breathing and boost the immune system.

Chamomile - Has a nice sweet & floral aroma, which helps calm the skin, mind and body.

Rosemary - Has a herbaceous aroma, which can help reduce nervous tension and can help with occasional fatigue feelings.

Sandalwood - Has a woody and sweet aroma, which can enhance mood which having a grounding and uplifting feeling.

Spearmint - Has a sweet fresh minty aroma, which can help reduces occasional stomach pain and promote uplifting feelings.

Vetiver - Has woody caramel yet smokey aroma, which can promote a grounding effect on emotions.

Wild Orange - Has a sweet fresh citrus aroma, which can help cleanse and purify the air.

Ylang Ylang - As a rich spicy aroma, which helps lift moods and having a calming effect on emotions.


Cautions when using essential oils

          Can use possible skin sensitivity and reaction
          Keep out reach of children.
          If you are pregnant, nursing or under doctor care consult before using
          Avoid contact with your eyes, inner ear and sensitive area.