Coffee Scrub
Coffee Scrub

Coffee Scrub

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Coffee Scrub

Ingredients: Grounded Coffee, Brown Sugar, White Sugar, Coconut Oil, Soy Bean oil, Coconut oil, Liquid preservative, Vitamin E

How to use 
(Only exfoliate 1 to 3 times a week)

  1.  Apply a small amount of coffee scrub onto the gloves and rub over the body in circular movements. When applying to your face, avoid your eyes.    (If you are breast feeding avoid the breast area as your body may not like the smell).
  2. Allow 10 to 20 mins for the scrub to soak into into your skin
  3. Wash off in the shower with lukewarm water. (Please remember that any product containing oil can make the surface of your shower or bath slippy.)
  4. Pat dry yourself & enjoy your nice refreshing soft feeling skin.

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